Real Estate Calls to Action

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To make a point, we did something a little different on this post…we started it with a call to action.

Calls to action are commonly ignored, rarely tested and one of the most under-appreciated elements of a real estate website.

For these reasons, the goals of this article will be to (1) teach you how important strong calls to action are and (2) give you the steps and tips needed to start creating, testing and optimizing your real estate calls to action.

Real Estate Calls to Action

What is a Call to Action?

A call to action is a strategically planned marketing / sales promotion message that urges a visitor to take an immediate action that you define.

Without well defined calls to action, a website will have an extremely difficult time of converting visitors to leads or sales.

One of the benefits of having a website is that you can control what you want your visitors to do on your site – if it’s setup correctly. If you want them to primarily look at specific featured properties and provide you with their information for additional property details, then you can and should make this your most prominent call to action on your website.

If you fail to do this, which many real estate websites do, then there’s a very good chance that you’re wasting time and money driving traffic to your website.

Let’s take a look at some examples of good and bad calls to action, how to create your own and what to know for the best results.

Live Examples of Real Estate Calls to Action

One of the best ways to learn what to do, and not to do, is by seeing actual examples.

For this reason we have put together some live examples of real estate calls to action that do a good job and do a bad job of enticing their visitors to click or act.

Good Examples of Real Estate CTAs

Here are a few websites that have done a great job with their calls to action…

(click the thumbnails below to see larger versions)

What makes these examples “good”?

  • The most noticeable elements are the calls to action
  • It’s immediately clear what the website wants visitors to do
  • The calls to action are simple and enticing

Bad Examples of Real Estate CTAs

Here are a few websites that need some work on their calls to action, or lack thereof…

(click the thumbnails below to see larger versions)

What makes these examples “bad”?

  • Nice designs, but lack of prominent calls to action
  • Existing calls to action are not unique or enticing
  • These websites are about the company, not the visitor
Not sure if your website has good calls to action or not? Leave your URL in the comments below and we’ll be happy to provide our feedback. Or, if you’d prefer our comments in private, then contact us here.

Most Commonly Used CTAs

Do not make the common mistake of over complicating things. The majority of visitors of real estate websites are primarily looking to do the following things (usually in this order):

  1. View properties
  2. Search the MLS
  3. Get a home valuation
  4. Learn about neighborhoods, schools, amenities
  5. Get mortgage information
  6. Contact a Realtor

It is important to keep these primary actions in mind when planning your calls to action. Many times people get a little carried away by offering things too far outside the scope of what people actually want the most. Keep things simple, clear and enticing and your website will convert your visitors into leads at higher rates than it ever has.

That said, if you just rely on the most commonly used calls to action that every other real estate website uses, then the chances of your visitors converting will be far less.

Here are some of the most common real estate calls to action that you might want to either avoid or rework to make your website more effective:

  • Quick Search
  • Search the MLS
  • Get a Free Home Evaluation
  • Help Me Relocate
  • Sign Up for Property Updates
  • Contact Us

You need to be more creative if you want your website to entice and capture your visitors. Our list below of CTA ideas should help.

Real Estate Calls to Action Starter List

If you are having trouble getting creative with your website’s calls to action or just need some ideas on where to start, then feel free to use the following list of real estate calls to action to kick things off.

  1. See examples of how we matched our clients with their dream homes.
  2. Read this newsletter and start saving tomorrow.
  3. Contact us today for a free report on real estate investments in City, State.
  4. Call now for a free home matching consultation.
  5. Learn how to buy a home for less than you are paying rent.
  6. Buy your next home for less than the cost of paying rent.
  7. Subscribe now for free tips on foreclosures and short sales.
  8. Enroll in our real estate investment class and increase your earning potential.
  9. Call us today at 855-446-3679 and ask about current promotions.
  10. Read how to save thousands on your next home.
  11. Relax. Finding Your Next Home is Just a Click Away.
  12. Watch this free video on making the most of your next home purchase.
  13. See how we’re helping our clients find their dream homes.
  14. Take our home buyers quiz / poll.
  15. Download The 10 Biggest Mistakes Home Sellers Make.
NOTE: Keep in mind, you want your website to be unique, so try not to just rely on these examples or things you have seen on other real estate websites. There are so many real estate website options on the Internet as it is already for homebuyers and sellers so try to make your website stand out. Having a unique call to action is a great way to make your website stand out.

What Do You Want Your Visitors to Do?

Before you find the most effective calls to action for your website you must know what you want your visitors to do. For example, you’re primarily looking to attract sellers, then make sure your website communicates that and you’ll get more sellers leads (assuming you’ve followed our CTA tips above).

Once you have that information then get to work on creating, testing and optimizing your calls to action. Work with your real estate website designer / developer to implement these calls to action and make sure to carry these calls to action throughout all of your marketing whenever possible to enforce them and keep things consistent.

Good luck and let us know if you need some more real estate call to action inspiration.

And if you’re looking for other ways to increase your website’s conversion rate, then be sure to check out these handy resources…

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  • Jenny Kotulak

    Thank you for the great and pertinent article. I am sitting on a panel at my real estate board this week giving advice to new agents about lead generation and how to grow their business.

    One of the questions submitted for discussion is “what is a call to action?” I decided to do some more research on the subject and your article popped up.

    I will be sure to share this article with the members of the session.

    Jenny Kotulak Broker
    RE/MAX Aboutowne Realty Corp. Brokerage
    Oakville, Ontario, Canada

  • Betty Byrnes

    I appreciate these excellent recommendations.

    I’ve recently switched from a TypePad blog to WordPress primarily because I wanted the site to do so much more… One of which was the ability to add content to increase lead generation.

    I do have several “call to action” items; but your suggestions give me a few other ideas to implement.

    Thank you!

  • Vinny

    Glad you found the article useful Jenny. We get this question a lot actually, not so much “what is a call to action?” but rather “what should be MY call to action?” so this article was created to help give real estate professionals a head start.

    As much as we want to be able to immediately tell someone what their call to action should be so they can generate the most leads possible, we have found that the best calls to action come from those who really put some thought and effort into theirs and then work hard to reinforce these calls to action throughout all of their marketing.

    Good luck with your panel. Please let us know if you need any additional info.

    Thanks for reading…

  • Vinny

    You are very welcome.

    It is always good to try out different calls to action, unless of course you have one that is already working extremely well. One common mistake website owners make is that they do not test and refine things, so keep trying new things….you will find the perfect combination eventually.

    Good luck with the new WordPress site.

    Thanks for reading…

  • Teressa Francis

    Vinny – thanks for mentioning Intero. We just updated our homepage in Dec. of 2008 making sure we were keeping in mind our ‘call to actions.’ Our goal was ease of use and simplicity. And yes we’ve found our bounce rate to drop as well as our internet leads to grow. Thanks for noticing!

  • Theresa

    Love all the ideas on call to action. Its nice to have 15 suggestions we can take and run with. What about suggestions for blog endings to encourage comments? Thanks!

  • Vinny

    You are welcome Teressa. We love what Intero has done and have no problem letting other real estate professionals know that your site is what a real estate website should look and function like.

  • Vinny

    Glad we are able to help.

    What a great question on suggestions for blog endings. We will do a post on these just for you…and everyone else who might be wondering too.

  • Lewis Bishop

    I appreciate the article as I am in the process of designing my new web presence.

  • Vinny

    We are glad you found our article useful Lewis. If you are in the process of building your new site, then make sure to check out these related posts:

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  • David Jhonston

    Welldone Vinny, I had one or two confusions regarding this in my mind but after reading your article those confusions are no more with me :)

  • Rumah Dijual

    Very useful idea. Urging audience to interact in one topic of examination is a step must be done by every single marketer. This article would be a valuable guide.

  • Cindymarchant

    I am writing a blog on websites and internet lead conversions and this is exactly what I want to use to define Call to Action buttons. I used to be a billboard on a highway no one traveled and now, after a few years of learning, people stop by. My picture went by the wayside long ago and is replaced by prominent red search for homes buttons. I wonder if red or blue or if color matters at all…

  • Anonymous

    In our opinion, colors absolutely matter. Smashing Magazine actually posted a nice article on call to action placement, colors and layouts. Check it out here:

  • May Goldberg

    Great informative and useful information. So many different companies offering different services and promise to deliver results, very hard to know what works and what doesn’t.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks May!

    We always recommend that someone be extremely cautious and skeptical if a company is promising any type of specific results. Traffic estimates and metrics of those sorts can be offered, but when it comes down to it there is no one that can guarantee anything related to the search engines.

    As for knowing what works and what doesn’t, the only way to know is to try them and test them. A good company should save you the time and money from trying services that are ineffective for specific areas and businesses, but constant testing and refinement will always be the only way to reveal the most effective services.

  • justmoveout

    A good company should save you the time and money from trying services that are ineffective for specific areas and businesses, but constant testing and refinement will always be the only way to reveal the most effective services.

  • Anonymous

    Well said. We couldn’t agree more.

  • Jeff

    Good Blog Post Vinny!

  • Team Jodi

    This is an excellent summary. Calls to action along with landing pages and great urls are extremely important for quality lead generation.

  • Vashon TheRealtor Hargrove

    Great article. Do you have any recommendations of companies that you can hire to do a little “sprucing up” of our websites and set them up so that they generate more leads?

  • Vinny La Barbera

    I’m obviously going to be a little partial to my own company, imFORZA, but there are some other good ones as well like James and his team from Realty Candy. It’s always best to talk to a few companies to get a sense for whom you feel most comfortable with. Good luck and definitely let us know if we can help in any other way.

  • Brian LoCicero

    Great information and useful content with examples. Thank you for sharing.